Yermo Recall 2015

There is a Recall in progress for Bob Smith and Geoffrey Berner.
The recall proponents state the recall is for gross mismanagement by Mr. Smith for policies that he put in place as fire chief and BOD President that lead to the wrongful death suit being brought against the Yermo CSD as well as a wrongful termination suit.
Mr Berner has not only voted on and approved these policies, Mr. Berner as financial officer has been repeatedly out of compliance with state requirements for financial reports.

Please support the recall of these two officers by signing a petition available here, in person in front of the Uptons Market (call: 253-221-9338 to arrange to sign if no one is out front) or at Ron’s Thrift and More.
You  must be 18 years old and a registered voter in Yermo to sign. If you have moved to Yermo and have not filled out a new voter registration card, or are not registered to vote, you can get voter registration forms from any recall petition holder or in the Post Office.

The donate to our fundraiser to pay for the recall please go here:
Yermo Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

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Non Compliance with LAFCO
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Policies and Proceedures
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